I Get a Red Carpet Makeover!

Amber Scholl

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LOL HI ANGELS! It's me, giving myself a very #extra makeover! DIY red carpet style, of course :P

I just went Oscar's dress shopping as a joke lol, but since I love making 'how to" videos and tutorials of making basic things look expensive, I thought I would got ahead and finish the makeover! Today I am doing my makeup and getting my hair done by my best friend and celebrity hairstylist @TheJoshLiu and going to a red carpet. So here is a ridiculous "get ready with me" before and after style video of me getting ready for a red carpet event...even though I'm really just taking instagram pictures :P

LOL ENJOY THE NONSENSE MY LOVES!!! And remember - inner beauty shines the most. always.

3,180,000 kisses!
Amber :)

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